Did you know sometimes toothaches can do a form of magic? In a recent episode of the AMC TV series Mad Men, the Don Draper character shows off the in effective home remedies used in the 1960’s for toothaches and states how the toothache will just “go away.” He puts on a brave face and tries to outlast this toothache like others he’s had.

He implies that the toothache will go away like previous ones. A modern dentist office serving St. Petersburg, FL patients knows that even if a severe toothache goes away, it’s probably because the tooth nerve has finished dying and the tooth is now much more venerable to a dangerous infection in the jaw line.

Once a tooth nerve dies, the tooth receives no blood supply to protect it from infection. It also has a space in the tooth where the old nerve is rotting.

This situation begins to make the tooth brittle over time. A tooth in this situations is much more likely to crack down the road.

Visiting a dentist office when you are having a toothache allows the dentist to advise you about the tooth and its future health. It is much less expensive in the long run to have a root canal procedure than it is to deal with what’s left after a neglected and dead tooth breaks.

Infections in teeth and the tissues surrounding the jawbone are significant health risks to the rest of the body. Infections can travel in the blood system and having an infection in your head makes it easy for the infection to run to the critical organs and tissues nearby.

So, when you get a persistent toothache, find a dentist office to help make an informed decision about how to deal with it.

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